Gabriela Schneider



I myself, Gabriela Schneider, have been a registered beautician since 1988 and have attended various make-up artist training courses. Since 1992 I was owner and managing director of a cosmetic institute in Langenthal for 15 years.

I have trained apprentices and also worked as an expert for final apprenticeship examinations in Bern and Aarau. Since 2007 I have successfully continued my self-employment in Zurich.



- Feel what people really want

- Listen to what is not said

- Giving confidence – getting confidence

- Supporting other people's interests

- Treat your counterpart respectfully and attentively

- Set goals – achieve goals


An optimal anti-aging result with a long-term effect for my customers is close to my heart. During my more than 31 years of professional experience, I have built up a great deal of expertise for cures. It is not only important to do such a cure once or twice a year, but also to maintain the long-term effect through regular treatments. This is especially important for Micro Needling treatments. Depending on age and skin type, it is recommended to refresh your skin every 4/6/8 weeks after the treatment, which includes 6 treatments (one treatment every 2 weeks). The refreshments can also be carried out during the sunny summer months - a great advantage of the Micro Needling. I will gladly pass on my expert knowledge to you and show you with which treatment or in which order you achieve anti-aging with a long-term effect. I would be delighted to accompany you on this journey.


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