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I myself, Gabriela Schneider, have been a registered beautician since 1988 and have attended various make-up artist training courses. Since 1992 I was owner and managing director of a cosmetic institute in Langenthal for 15 years.

I have trained apprentices and also worked as an expert for final apprenticeship examinations in Bern and Aarau. Since 2007 I have successfully continued my self-employment in Zurich.



- Feel what people really want

- Listen to what is not said

- Giving confidence – getting confidence

- Supporting other people's interests

- Treat your counterpart respectfully and attentively

- Set goals – achieve goals


Peeling Velours – Regenerationsbehandlung


New year, new skin.

Latest news: Regeneration peeling pure nature

Did you eat and drink too much over the holidays? Then now is the right time to do something for your skin and your appearance.

Peeling Velours – Regeneration treatment

Based on old customs, Mrs Lydia Daïnow developed a herbal regeneration peeling more than 70 years ago. The treatment method “Peeling Velours” creates a convincing improvement and restructuring of every skin type. Under certain circumstances, even a surgical intervention can be avoided.


Advantages over other peelings: 

  • Pure vegetable ingredients, without acid, pumice stone technology or enzymes

  • Skin renewal with a pleasant massage

  • without instrument engineering

  • No irritation during or after the treatment (therefore no peeling of the skin)

  • It can be used on any skin condition and even around the eyes

  • For an optimal result, four treatments once a week are required.


Fields of application: 

  • Tightening treatment – especially for wrinkles in the eye and mouth ring muscle area

  • Scar treatment of any kind

  • Treatment of hyperpigmentation

  • General skin regeneration

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