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It's time to start something new and trust the magic of the beginning. 

Jochen Mariss


Seefeldstrasse 116 will be closed as of August 1, 2022.


Gabriela Schneider



I myself, Gabriela Schneider, have been a registered beautician since 1988 and have attended various make-up artist training courses. Since 1992 I was owner and managing director of a cosmetic institute in Langenthal for 15 years.

I have trained apprentices and also worked as an expert for final apprenticeship examinations in Bern and Aarau. Since 2007 I have successfully continued my self-employment in Zurich.



- Feel what people really want

- Listen to what is not said

- Giving confidence – getting confidence

- Supporting other people's interests

- Treat your counterpart respectfully and attentively

- Set goals – achieve goals

teint HSR_Model_2010.jpg

De Luxe from 38 / 40 yearsThe ultimative anti-aging treatment that focuses on DNAs capacity to repair itself against sun-induced pigmentation abnormalities.

90 min CHF 245.–

120 min CHF 295.– 


Luxe till 35 / 38 years

Intensive treatment against tired and pale skin, encourages regeneration against sun-induced pigmentation abnormalities.

90 min CHF 225.–

120 min CHF 265.–


Intensive treatment to tighten the skin and help create firmer facial contours.

90 min CHF 225.–

120 min CHF 265.–


Early Anti-Age till 25 years

Generous moisturising treatment for more cell vitality for those under 25; helps prevent premature skin aging.

90 min CHF 195.– 

120 min CHF 223.–


Purifying till 35 / 38 years

Deep cleansing treatment with lymphatic drainage. Relaxing care treatment that helps regulate sebum production and refine the complexion.

90 min CHF 225.–

120 min CHF 265.–


Phyto-aromatic Sisley treatments EXPERT
60 min CHF 194.–

Le Soin Phyto-Aromatique HYDRATATION. Moisturising treatment for young skin.
Le Soin Phyto-Aromatique ECLAT. The ideal treatment for immediate radiation.
Le Soin Phyto-Aromatique CONFORT EXTREME. Developed to rebuild skin poor of lipid and moisture.
Le Soin Phyto-Aromatique REPARATEUR. Repairing and calming treatment for the skin suffering from exposure to sun and cold.
Le Soin Phyto-Aromatique PURETE. Regulating the skin’s production of sebum without interfering with the skins natural moisture balance.
Le Soin Phyto-Aromatique HOMME. A combination of efficiency and delight for a moisturised, firm and fresh looking skin.
Phyto-aromatic Sisleya treatments ANTI-AGE
An exceptional treatment individually composed for your personal needs. Shapes the contours of your face and gives you a youthful look.
90 Min. CHF 310.–

Le Soin Phyto-aromatic HYDRATATION INTENSE
The Anti-Aging Know-How of Sisley developed for intense and efficient high-level moisturising treatments.
90 Min. CHF 299.–


Discover make-up that will gently accentuate your individual beauty and respects your skin's needs; both of these are unique.

You deserve the best of what today's cosmetic products can offer. Feather-light textures, sensuous colours, deeply nourishing ingredients! Inspired by nature from soft beiges to vivid reds.

Today's cosmetics use gentle biotech formulations that visibly enhance and contribute to every woman's beauty every day, regardless of whether it a natural, business, evening, wedding, gala event or consultation make-up.


Daywear-/Business Make-up 30 min

CHF 40.– / 60.–

Wedding- /Gala Event Make-up 40 min

CHF 105.– 

Make-up consultation including

CHF 210.–

50.– worth of products 60 min   

more than 60 min

CHF 130.–/ hour

With the stunning results of depileve you will experience prestige, success and security.


Legs / bikini line / underarms

Bikini line plus extra (B)

Half Leg / bikini line / underarms


Half leg to the knee

Bikini line

Brazilian / Hollywood (B)

3/4 legs


Forearms and elbows

Upper lip CHF

Upper lip and chin

Entire face CHF

Men back hair, upper back only

Men back hair, incl. lower back

Men chest hair, excl. abdominal hair

Men chest hair, incl. abdominal hair

CHF 165.–

CHF 45.–

CHF 130.–

CHF 110.–

CHF 75.–

CHF 45.–

CHF 75.– / 110.–

CHF 90.–

CHF 45.–

CHF 55.–

CHF 25.– / 35.–

CHF 35.– / 45.–

CHF 45.– / 55.–

CHF 60.–

CHF 75.–

CHF 55.–

CHF 75.–


For both woman and man, manicured, well-looked after hands and feet are the epitome of being well groomed and elegant.

A woman’s carefully painted nails symbolize a sense of fashion and emphasise her choice of outfit!

Manicure with varnish

Manicure without varnish

Express Manicure 30 min

> polish / exfoliate / varnish

Pedicure with varnish

Pedicure without varnish

Express Pedicure 30 Min

> polish / exfoliate / varnish

CHF 99.– / 109.–

CHF 88.– / 99.–

CHF 65.– / 75.–

CHF 99.– / 109.–

CHF 88.– / 99.–


CHF 75.– / 85.–


With Cell Plasma facial corrections run at full speed.


Plasma, the fourth dimension

Up to now, cosmetic treatments have worked in the three classical states of matter: solid, liquid and gaseous. Now science has discovered the fourth aggregate for smoothing, improving, regenerating, tightening and rejuvenating the skin. Physicists call the fourth state plasma.


How does it work?

A gentle energy wave travels over the skin, it tingles. The beam penetrates all skin resistances. It can be directed precisely to weak points and problem zones. Plasma streams create a structure of free, negatively charged electrons and positive ions. This energy has a very regenerating effect on the skin, the connective tissue and especially on the cells.


Consistent correction 

Plasma streaming makes a clear announcement. It acts on all relevant areas of the skin: on the surface and in the deeper layers. Very effective against energy deficiency, limited cell function, slack connective tissue, weak collagen scaffolds or for repairing significant UV damage. Per session between 60, 70 and 90 minutes. This is worth it because the result is immediately visible. And then the correction impulses work at full speed for days to come.


Immediate and long-term results

A special treatment technique allows physio-dynamic changes in the smoothing and padding of wrinkles, lines, scars, pigment spots, couperose and impurities. Striking results visible after 6 treatments every 7 – 10 days (depending on application area and age.): Clear smoothing of the skin surface and optical rejuvenation of the face.


fields of application


  • Complexion firming

  • Against Couperose

  • Lip wrinkle lifting

  • Easing neck wrinkles

  • Cell stimulant neckline

  • Structure collagen/elastin, tightening

  • Reducing pigmentation spots

  • Eyelid tightening


Single treatment face 60 min. CHF 250.–


Subscription cure 6 stays every 7–10 days à 60 min. incl. 1 product CHF 1515.–


Single treatment face with neck 70 minutes CHF 290.–


Sub spa treatment 6 treatments every 7–10 days à 70 min. incl. 1 product CHF 1735.–


Individual treatment face/neck/decollte 90 min. CHF 355.–


Subscription cure 6 treatments every 7-10 days à 90 min. incl. 1 product CHF 2094.–


What is Cosmetic Micro Needling?


Cosmetic Micro Needling is a gentle anti-aging treatment that enables highly effective active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid to be better applied to the skin. Optimal hydration and wrinkle padding from the inside by tri-molucular hyaluronic acid. Organic silicon visibly and noticeably improves skin architecture and structure and optimises tissue quality. Strengthens the connective tissue and promotes skin elasticity.


  • Youthful smooth complexion

  • Strengthened contours 

  • Fine regular skin relief

  • Fewer lines and wrinkles


6 treatments every 2 weeks are required for an optimal result.

Single treatment 60 min.

CHF 250.00

Subscription cure 6 treatments

a/2W. à 60 min. incl. 3 treatments

CHF 1'743.–

Single treatment 80 min.

CHF 315.–

Subscription cure 6 treatments

a/2W à 80 min. incl. 3 treatments

CHF 2'102.–

micro needling vorher nachher_e.png
Peeling Velor_e.jpg

Regenerative treatments

Peeling Velours - Lydia Daïnow


Lydia Daïnow developed a herbal regeneration exfoliation technique based on traditional methods more than 70 years ago.


This treatment method, "Peeling Velours", which translates to "Velvet Exfoliation", leads to a convincing improvement of every skin condition's appearance and structure.


Under certain circumstances, this treatment can even make a surgical intervention obsolete.


>




Advantages over other peelings:

  • Purely herbal ingredients without acids, pumice techniques, or enzymes

  • Skin regeneration with an enjoyable massage and no machine technologyohne Gerätetechnik

  • No irritation during or after treatment
    (and thus no subsequent skin peeling)

  • Our product can be applied to skin in any condition and even around the eyes 


Treatment course package 4 treatments, 1 treatment per week lasting 70 – 80 min including 5 care products for

CHF 1’165.– / 1’399.–    |    Value of products CHF 190.–


The heart of every permanent make-up treatment are the pigments. Swiss Color® offers high-quality pigments for various applications that will convince you. Swiss Color® only processes pigments whose raw material quality is guaranteed according to ResAP (2008)1 and has further tests carried out by independent, accredited laboratories.

MSDS safety data sheets are available for the ingredients. Swiss Color® pigments contain no dangerous AZO dyes, no PAHs = polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, no prohibited heavy metals and no dangerous aromatic amines including NDELA = nitrosodiethanolamines. The Swiss Color® OS Pigment Series does not contain iron oxides.


The eyeliner can either be a fine, natural line between the lashes to accentuate the shape of your eyes, making the lashes look fuller or a visible line on the eyelids, replacing your eyeliner pen or pencil. It is possible to apply this technique to both the upper and lower lash line. A neutral choice of colour scheme is recommended.


Permanent Make up de Luxe

with the latest hygiene regulations 2022

Eyelid/Kajal remodelling 

incl. 1 follow-up treatment within 1 month

CHF 1’200.–, single CHF 670.–

Follow-up treatment from 12 months without 2nd treatment

CHF 710.–/ 330.–



Follow-up treatment in 12 months without 2 treatment CHF 710.– 

(only for existing customers)

From light shading to thick brows, whether it be individually drawn hairs or shapes using shading, a wide variety of different techniques are available. We recommend matching the colour with that of the existing hair. In the complete absence of eyebrows, the colour will be adapted to the skin tone and hair of the head.

Permanent Make up de Luxe

with the latest hygiene regulations 2020

Eyebrow redesign

incl. 1 follow-up treatment within 1 month

CHF 1’200.– to 1’400.–

Follow-up treatment from 12 months without 2nd treatment

CHF 710.–



Follow-up treatment in 12 months without 2 treatment CHF 710.– 

(only for existing customers)


I have been a federally licensed and approved beautician since 1988 and have completed various training courses for make-up artists. In 1993, I obtained my first diploma for permanent make-up, followed by my second in 1994, and have since completed over 2500 treatments on clients from all over Switzerland. Permanent make-up is, as the name suggests, a kind of make-up that remains in the skin - day and night, day after day, for several years until it fades away. It is the perfect make-up for women who like to do sports, spectacle wearers or women who want to look perfect all the time without effort. Terms such as “Contour Make-up”, “Permanent Make-up” or “Long Time Make-up” are product names and are all part of what is understood as permanent make-up.


The permanent make-up is injected into the upper skin layer with a microscopically fine needle like a tattoo, but with two major differences:

First, of all, we do not use ink but only mineral colours based on pharmaceutically certified raw materials. They correspond to the purity and quality required by the European dispensatory and the demands of the cosmetics regulation. Secondly, they will dissolve after a few years and disappear.



Gift vouchers for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, childbirth, Christmas etc.

Model Behandlung_Spa_300

Feel Beautiful

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