Gabriela Schneider



I myself, Gabriela Schneider, have been a registered beautician since 1988 and have attended various make-up artist training courses. Since 1992 I was owner and managing director of a cosmetic institute in Langenthal for 15 years.

I have trained apprentices and also worked as an expert for final apprenticeship examinations in Bern and Aarau. Since 2007 I have successfully continued my self-employment in Zurich.



- Feel what people really want

- Listen to what is not said

- Giving confidence – getting confidence

- Supporting other people's interests

- Treat your counterpart respectfully and attentively

- Set goals – achieve goals


Dear customers, dear customers.


Many thanks to all who wanted to support and visit us. For the time being, we have to keep distance.


Finally time for a face mask at home, for her and him. You can continue to order the extremely good cleansing and protective care products from us. You can reach us at 043 488 68 88 or take a picture of empty products that you want to replace and send the picture to or by WhatsApp to 079 628 22 60.


Feel Beautiful is also preparing to offer body treatments, such as lymphatic drainage to build up the immune system or body oil scented journeys to restore your strength. You can look forward to this.


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