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Savour the stunning view from the roof terrace

Our own terrace over the roofs of Zurich is ideal for business and family events. Enjoy with your guests a glass of champagne or an aperitif while the sun is setting over the splendid panorama of the lake of Zurich. Express Manicure und Make Up will be provided at the Institute to freshen you up for the evening.

Relaxing entertainment

We also care for a stress-free and invigorating environment with relaxing music of your choice. Additionally we offer you facilities to recharge your mobile during the treatment.

Place to go

In line with my very personal philosophy I created a stylish and pleasant oasis for you to indulge yourself with a re-creative all round care for all your senses.

High-quality Brands

A comprehensive range of products with nourishing and decorative qualities for radiating and special moments is awaiting you.

High-quality Brands

Brilliance, comfort, brightness, smoothness and precision: The phyto-makeup-products for your lips contain rich ingredients flatter our lips with exquisite colors.

High-quality Brands

Brilliance, comfort, brightness, smoothness and precision: The phyto-makeup-products for your lips contain rich ingredients flatter our lips with exquisite colors.

Perfect combination of Make-up and traitment

Blond skin-types will be given a golden radiation and natural tan will be delicately emphasized.


The Anti-aging products of SISLEY are available for your daily skin care as well as in concentrated form for intense treatments from time to time. The products are known to be effective against the signs of skin ageing and prolong the youthful appearance of your skin.


A daily and thorough cleaning of your skin is an indispensable requirement to maintain the natural balance of your skin und for the effectiveness of all skin care products.


HSR© HIGH SKIN REFINER – Developing the series HSR© lifting and HSR© de luxe we again succeeded to identify a new complex of active ingredients which do not only reduce the signs of the times but also to visibly decelerate the skin ageing.

FLUIDS FP highly concentrated nature

An exquisite combination of natural and highly concentrated active ingredients sealed in a glassy ampule. The BABOR FLUIDS FP are well known to convince with their visible and noticeably satisfying effect.


We created an stylish and delightful ambiance for your individual and very personal well-being.

Gabriela Schneider


Chris Pierre Labbüsch

Iron plastics artist
Vsmart Extensions

Sisley Promotion

Monday 1. June - Saturday 6. March

Make up Artist David Hahmeyer
will be attending from June 3th - 5th.

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Sisley News

SISLEŸA - Essential Skin Care Lotion
More is more...
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Two timeless, multi-faceted palettes
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The 1st «jumbo» twist eye pencil from Sisley

Protecteurs de jeunesse

Phyto-Lip Twist Season 2: Let’s twist again

PHYTOBUSTE + décolleté
Intensive firming bust compound


Time reverse skin care with the revolutionary RE-YOUTH COMPLEX.

Fully certified professional

Gabriela Schneider

I have been a federally licensed and approved beautician since 1988 and have completed various training courses for make-up artists. In 1993, I obtained my first diploma for permanent make-up, followed by my second in 1994, and have since completed over 1500 treatments on clients from all over Switzerland.

Permanent make-up is, as the name suggests, a kind of make-up that remains in the skin - day and night, day after day, for several years until it fades away.

It is the perfect make-up for women who like to do sports, spectacle wearers or women who want to look perfect all the time without effort.

Terms such as "Contour Make-up," "Permanent Make-up" or "Long Time Make-up" are product names and are all part of what is understood as permanent make-up.


The permanent make-up is injected into the upper skin layer with a microscopically fine needle like a tattoo, but with two major differences:

First, of all, we do not use ink but only mineral colours based on pharmaceutically certified raw materials. They correspond to the purity and quality required by the European dispensatory and the demands of the cosmetics regulation. Secondly, they will dissolve after a few years and disappear.



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Chris Pierre Labüsch

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